GroundFX™ Extreme Outdoor Decals

There’s nothing like it!

These amazing decals are the toughest on the market today! Tested outdoors on interlocking stone, concrete, asphalt and brick, GroundFX™ Extreme decals have proven themselves in high traffic, hot sun, and even under steady vehicular traffic!

The super thick, clear textured plastic provides exceptional durability. The UV resistant inks keep the message looking great. The super strong adhesive stands up to whatever nature throws at it. This photo shows the difference between ours and a large competitor’s high quality laminated decal – scrubbed with a wire brush 500 times. No damage to GroundFX Extreme decals.

The rigidity makes for extremely easy application to almost any surface with no tools required.

Application: GroundFX™ Extreme is designed for high traffic outdoor applications

Slip Resistance: Top surface is textured for enhanced slip resistance

Guarantee: Guaranteed slip resistant with two million dollars indemnity insurance against slip and fall claims!

Thickness: 23 mil

Components: 10 mil textured vinyl overlay / UV resistant offset print / 3 mil adhesive / 5 mil woven tie layer / 5 mil Extreme natural rubber ground adhesive

Dimensional Stability: Excellent.

Durability: It will function as a ground decal for twelve months under normal use.

Service temperature range: -40°F to +200°F

Expected Exterior Exposure: Exterior longevity has not determined because the product has only been on the market for a short period of time. Manufacturers believe that it will last at least 6 months under heavy traffic.